Manchester Evening News

Arguably the best ensemble of its kind in the world ... exemplary music-making ... impeccable precision ... extraordinary unity ... uncanny one-ness.

Washington Post

It is rare to hear man perfectly integrated with music - when the two are so inextricably linked, so aware yet selfless, that distinctions between them are rendered meaningless. Such communion was achieved by the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet. It was a concert not to be forgotten.

Herald, Glasgow

An enthralled crowd, listening agog to the amazing woodwind [quintet] from the Berlin Philharmonic, heard wind playing that was out of this world.

In a display of consummate technical and musical mastery across the repertoire - with a staggering performance of Hungarian Gyorgy Ligeti's folk-influenced Bagatelles - the elite ensemble furnished a set of musical performances almost beyond description. It displayed the most remarkable control, blend, and balance of a woodwind ensemble that this listener has ever heard. (If I were a wind player, I'd go away and rethink the whole business of dynamics, balance, and articulation.)

Equally, however, the performance provided a unique opportunity for a microcosmic view of the philosophy and practice of the world's most famous orchestra. Everything that you could see and hear, in intimate detail, that made this quintet so breathtakingly perfect, was a representation of the way the full band operates. An astonishing experience.

The Australian

Two concerts of superlative music making, remarkable for their cohesiveness, timbral balance and idiomatic playing across a range of styles. The Berliners were dazzlingly virtuosic, displaying nimble finger work and excellent dynamic control. A sinuously phrased, rhythmically alert reading.

Indianapolis Star

The quintet's superb blend of woodwinds a rare feat. I've rarely heard winds blend so well. In shifts of tempo and dynamics I doubt a strand of hair could have been put between the sound of one player and another.

Chicago Tribune

Pure-toned instrumental textures, smoothly blended ensemble and sterling musicianship. The playing was a seminar in chamber wind blending, boasting unfailing precision and pinpoint articulation.

Birmingham Post

Delicate phrasing, subtle articulation and a beautifully judged dynamic range.

Yorkshire Post

Exquisite sense of style and textual balance ... constant fascination.

Scotsman, Edinburgh

A beautifully planned programme which began with the coolly formal and ended in sassy rioting, presented musicians of remarkable range -- players accustomed to expanding lines so as to stretch the walls of awe-inspiring auditoriums, yet as chamber musicians able to share phrases of shivering intimacy.

Irish Times, Dublin

This group offers everything their distinguished pedigree would lead you to expect in terms of technical polish, intonational purity and musical refinement. The performances had in delightful abundance that sense of easy give-and-take among friends which characterises chamber music at the highest level.

Louisville Courier-Journal

Their program moved boldly from piece to piece...cogent, unhackneyed and joyfully rendered ... the collective sounds were luscious.

Palm Beach Post

Flawless. The Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet was just that, nothing less. If you are a fan of chamber music and you missed this performance, you should be kicking yourself. Ensembles of this caliber are rarely experienced.

Detroit News

Technically flawless and musically adventurous.

Toronto Star

This ensemble displays the elegant style and fully integrated quality that have brought them international recognition.

Montreal Gazette

To hear the Berliners play with such precision, resilience and so much expressive detail was a musical treat.

Los Angeles Times

as virtuosic and skilled a unit as any on the chamber-music circuit ... an empassioned, emotionally specific and wide-ranging performance.

Aberdeen Press and Journal

Astonishing in its purity and unity it was so downright incredile at times that it actually made me laugh to myself. Behind that bewitching, beautifully sound you could hear all the detailed work that obviously goes into the preparation of each work.