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BIS CD 2176


The first quintet, commissioned by the Turku Philharmonic, gets off to a challenging start. It's a reminder that Aho really knows the instruments for which he writes, and that means he can fully exploit – and artfully force – their range and colour. That, in turn, creates sound worlds of great vigour and interest. The techniques on show here are just astonishing, and, as expected, these players make it all look so easy. There is much to delight the ear and exercise the mind, and even those wary of contemporary music will find that, despite some tart writing, these quintets are no acid bath. Indeed, the composer's modus operandi, which melds academicism and accessibility, is evident in both works. To top it all, engineer Stephan Reh captures these delectible tone-feasts in sound of immense poise and presence.

Dan Morgan – MusicWeb International 07/2018

The Seasons (4 CD box set)

You would expect superlative performances of classics for wind … and that is exactly what we have here. The Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet’s sound is really flexible: from warmly expressive and fluidly lyrical, to the kind of pungency and rhythmic sharpness demanded not only by French composers.This is a superb collection of extremely fine performances, and should be part of everyone’s collection: no need to try, just buy!
— Music Web 09/2013
SUPERSONIC - Diese Vierer-Box ist ein Must für jeden Liebhaber von Kammermusik mit Blasinstrumenten. Es wird wohl nirgendwo eine gleichwertige und derart umfassende Anthologie geben. Gespielt werden die insgesamt 20 Werke mit einer phänomenalen Klangqualität, von stupend virtuos bis zu bewegend lyrisch, immer elegant, immer raffiniert, mit richtig gewählten Tempi, einer breiten Farbpalette, kurz gesagt: Hinreißend musikalisch und musikantisch.
— Pizzicato 11/2013

BIS CD 2072


  1. Jacques Ibert: Trois pièces brèves

  2. Henri Tomasi: Printemps

  3. Darius Milhaud: La Cheminée du roi René

  4. Charles Kœchlin: Wind Septet

  5. Jean Françaix: Quintet No.1.

  6. Eugène Bozza: Scherzo pour quintette à vent


  1. Samuel Barber: Summer Music op.31

  2. Elliott Carter: Woodwind Quintet

  3. Gunther Schuller: Suite

  4. Kazimierz Machala: American Folk Suite

  5. Julio Medagalia: Suite "Belle Epoque in Sud-America" *

  6. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Quintette en forme de Choros

  7. Liduino Pitombeira: Ajubete jepe amo mbae*

  8. Julio Medaglia: Suite popular brasileira*

* world premiere recording


  1. Paul Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik op.24, Nr.2

  2. Hans Werner Henze: Quintett

  3. Hans Werner Henze: l'autunno

  4. Paul Hindemith: Septett für Blasinstrumente


  1. Brett Dean (*1961) - Winter Songs (1994/2000) for tenor and wind quintet, after poems of e.e. cummings WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING

  2. Erkki-Sven Tüür (*1959) - Architectonics I (1984)

  3. Peteris Vasks (*1946) - Music for a Deceased Friend (1981)

  4. Arvo Pärt (* 1935) - Quintettino op.13 (1964)

  5. Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) - Quintet op.43 (1922)



The Berlin Philharmonic Quintet plays with perfect intonation and balance. Every one of the seemingly unlimited range of colors that Reicha draws from his ensemble tells with unobtrusive clarity, and the works are perfectly paced. The last of the pieces for English horn and wind quartet, an adagio in siciliano rhythm, is particularly haunting, and it marries well with the second movement of Mládí. The Martinu performance also has an appealing lightness, with nicely sprung rhythms and the composer’s jazz inflections relished, but not to the point of affectation. For the intelligence of the program as a whole, not to mention the outstanding sonics, this disc remains very recommendable. 9/10
— Classics Today 21.10.2011

BIS CD 1802

  1. Anton Reicha Quintet in E flat major op.88, no.2 (1811)

  2. Bohuslav Martinů Sextet for piano and winds, H174 (1929)

  3. Anton Reicha Three pieces for Cor Anglais and Wind Quartet (1817-1819)

  4. Leoš Janáček Pochod modráčků for Piccolo and Piano JW7/9 (1924)

  5. Leoš Janáček Mládí (Youth) Suite for Wind Sextet JW7/10 (1924)


with Hendrik Heilmann, Piano; Manfred Preis, Bass Clarinet;


Danses et Divertissements

Stephen Hough, Piano

Poulenc’s lyricism is treated with sensitivity and discretion, neither over-egged nor undernourished. Moments where the music might threaten to sound portentious are poignantly voiced. And there is ample wit and levity, Hough’s lithe playing complementing the zest of the wind instruments in those passages in all three movements where the music irrepressibly bubbles along. This entire recital ... is perfomed with virtuosity and iridescent colour.
— Daily Telegraph, London 07/2009
Given the reputation of the performers, the listener will expect a thoroughly professional concert, and the Berlin Quintet delivers. They spit out the difficult licks with aplomb; capture the graceful, quirky, and virtuosic nature of Gallic wind music; the group boasts excellent balance, blend and intonation. They understand too the expressive demands of each composer, phrasing and dovetailing with great subtlety, but also knowing when to play with full force and fury. Hough completely owns Poulenc’s difficult concerto-like writing, diving into the Sextet without trepidation, yet beautifully matching the winds in the more sensitive and reflective passages.
— American Record Guide - Sept/Oct 2009


  1. Paul Taffanel Quintette en sol mineur (1878)

  2. Francis Poulenc Sextuor pour Piano et Quintette (1932-39)

  3. André Jolivet Sérénade pour quintette à vent avec hautbois principal (1945)

  4. Henri Tomasi Cinq Danses Profanes et Sacrées (1948)









One of the most exciting aspects of these performances is the outstanding sound quality created by the engineers .... one of the finest wind instrument discs in recent memory. This is a disc that is not to be missed.
— hifi+ - 12/2009
Not only does it have a stunningly performed and captured performance of the Jolivet piece, but it also has a major Poulenc piece with none other than Stephen Hough at the piano. No recoding can completely replicate the mesmerizing, brain-vibrating effect of wind instruments that you get close up in a live setting, but this comes pretty darn close, and captures the rich colors the musicians so expertly get out of this music.
— SACD.net - Aug/2013
the nimbleness of their playing is undeniably jaw dropping
— Classic FM, 10/2009

Mozart & Beethoven – Quintets for Piano & Winds

Stephen Hough, Piano

An immensely civilized record … The great Mozart Quintet is played with aristocratic eloquence…superb recorded sound… the balance is wonderful … an ideal mixture of clarity and warmth … I can’t think of another recording that makes a more convincing case (for the Beethoven Quintet) … The wind playing has a slightly sharper edge in the Beethoven and Hough’s piano sound, while always beautiful, is here extremely sensitively tuned to the slightly grainier texture of early Beethoven. Add to that playing which has an unfailing sense of direction, propelled by speeds that are so well judged that they feel completely right, and you have a very fine performance indeed … the new Hough/Berlin coupling is a winner – it’s a very fine disc indeed.
— International Record Review, 05/2007







  1. W. A. Mozart Quintet in E flat Major, KV 452

  2. W. A. Mozart Adagio in C minor and Rondeau in C Major, KV 617

  3. Ludwig van Beethoven Quintet in E flat Major, Op. 16










The performances are beautiful ... the playing really is exquisite, with the [quintet] doing some amazing things to match timbres and phrasing. Stephen Hough partners the Berliners very considerately while still projecting his part with personality ... the unfailing musicality of the playing and the glowing sonics make these sweet and gentle performances very enjoyable indeed.
— Classics Today.com (2007)

Romantic Music for Wind Quintet

Das Philharmonische Bläserquintett Berlin überzeugt durch erstklassige Disposition in Zusammenspiel und plastischer Gestaltung.
— Fono Forum


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  1. Karl Pilss: Serenade for Wind Quintet.

  2. Alexander von Zemlinsky: Humoreske (Rondo).

  3. Josef Bohuslav Foerster: Quintet in D major, Op.95.

  4. Carl Reinecke: Sextet in B flat major, Op.271.

with Manfred Klier, horn

20th Century Hungarian Music

Fünf Sterne - Fünf Volltreffer. Extrem plastische Interpretation. Die Klangfarben haben dabei eine geradezu räumliche Tiefenschärfe, und die immer abenteuerlichen gestischen und rhythmischen Einfälle Ligetis sind mit Biß und Bravour auf den Punkt gebracht. Wenn außerdem Intonation, Klangsinn, dynamische Facetten und Artikulation so vorbildlich stimmen wie hier beim Philharmonischen Bläserquintett Berlin, dann dürfte auch der eingeschworene Streichquartett-Hörer mit ganzem Herzen von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde dabei sein.
— Fono Forum


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  1. Endre Szervánszky: Wind Quintet No.1 (1953)

  2. György Ligeti: Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet (1953)

  3. György Ligeti: Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet (1968)

  4. György Kurtag: Wind Quintet, Op.2 (1959)

  5. György Orban: Wind Quintet (1984/85)


Mozart – Music for Piano and Wind Quintet

Stephen Hough, Piano

If you purchase only one Mozart disc in 2001, this should be the one.
— American Record Guide
This is a reading to set alongside Murray Perahia’s performance with members of the ECO, and Brendel’s with Holliger et al.
— International Record Review




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  1. Quintet in E flat Major KV 452 piano, ob., cl., hn., bssn.

  2. Adagio, Allegro in F minor KV 594 for clockwork organ

  3. Adagio in Bb major KV 411

  4. Piece for Musical Clock in F minor KV 608

  5. Andante for a Small Organ Cylinder in F major KV 616

  6. Adagio & Rondeau in C minor/C major KV 617

* Nos. 2 - 6 arranged by Michael Hasel







This interpretation of Mozart’s Quintet K452 come closest to that of Murray Perahia and the ECO winds on Sony, a performance that has taken on all comers since its initial release at the end of the LP era. However there are moments of this BIS recording in which the Berlin players surpass their ECO counterparts.
— Classics Today
Editor’s Choice
— Gramophon (GB) 1/01

Franz Danzi – Complete Wind Quintets

It must be said that the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet contribute more than a few thalers-worth to the success of these works in this beautifully engineered recording; their intonation, melifluous sound and precision of ensemble are impeccable. The music itself has great charm and polish, enhanced by the persuasive craftsmanship of its scoring. This is a most enjoyable album.
— Gramophone
Eine tempramentvoll musizierte und reich mit Informationen ausgestattet neue Gesamtaufnahme von Danzis Bläserkammermusiken für die Quintettbesetzung. Der rafifinierte Umgang mit einschmeichelnder Thematik und deren virtuose Ausschmückung spornt unentwegt zum aktiven Zuhören an.
— Fono Forum

with Love Derwinger, piano.


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  1. Quintet G-Major, Op.67 No.1

  2. Quintet e-minor, Op.67 No.2

  3. Quintet E-flat Major, Op.67 No.3

  4. Quintet F-Major, Op.53, Piano, Fl., Ob., Cl., Bn.


  1. Quintet B-flat Major, Op.56 No.1

  2. Quintet g-minor, Op.56 No.2

  3. Quintet F-Major, Op.56 No.3

  4. Quintet d-minor, Op.41, Piano, Ob., Cl., Hn., Bn.


  1. Quintet A-Major, Op.68 No.1

  2. Quintet F-Major, Op.68 No.2

  3. Quintet d-minor, Op.68 No.3

  4. Quintet D-Major, Op.54, Piano, Fl., Ob., Cl., Bn.



Benefit Performances for International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)

© IPPNW Concerts-Benefiz-Produktion 2003


  1. Pavel Haas Quintet op.10 (1929)

  2. Emil Frantisek Burian Im Frühling op.14 (1933)

  3. Luciano Berio Opus number zoo (1951/1970) text spoken in German

  4. György Ligeti 10 Pieces for Wind Quintet (1968)

  5. Jean Françaix Quintet No. 2 (1987)


Broken Branches

Stephen Hough, piano; Michael Hasel, piccolo; Marion Reinhard, contrabassoon; Jacques Imbrailo, baritone; Steven Isserlis, cello; Tapiola Sinfonietta; Gábor Takács-Nagy, conductor;

  1. Was mit den Tränen geschieht (2008)

  2. Un Piccolo Sonatina for piccolo solo (2007)

  3. Bridgewater (2008)

  4. Herbstlieder (2007)

  5. Sonata for Piano (broken branches) (2010)

  6. The Loneliest Wilderness (2005)


Spiegel im Spiegel


Vadim Gluzman, violin; Angela Yoffe, piano; Hans-Ola Ericsson, organ; Alexei Lubimov, piano; Håkan Hardenberger, trumpet;  Swedish Radio Choir conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste; Tallinn Quartet; Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet; Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Neeme Järvi

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Arvo Pärt

  1. Fratres for violin and piano (1977/1980)

  2. Spiegel im Spiegel (1978)

  3. Dopo la vittoria (Piccola cantata, 1996/98)

  4. Bogoróditse Djévo (1990)

  5. I Am the True Vine (1996)

  6. Annum per annum (K-G-C-S-A) (1980)

  7. Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka (1977)

  8. Für Alina (1976)

  9. Quintettino, Op.13 (1964)

  10. Concerto piccolo über B-A-C-H (1994)

  11. Fratres for string quartet (1977/1985/89)

  12. Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten